Response to Intervention (RTI)

RTI (Response to intervention) 3 tiers of support. tier 1: core classroom instruction.  tier 2: targeted small group instruction. tier 3: intensive individual instruction.

What is RTI?

RTI stands for Response To Intervention.  RTI is a federal and state initiative to meet a wide range of student needs through general education services.  Students in Kindergarten through 5th grade will be monitored using a universal screening tool three times per year (fall, winter & spring).

AIMS WEB is used as an assessment; this data will be used to help determine academic areas of need.

Students showing deficits in reading will receive research-based interventions in addition to classroom instruction.  

Students may be referred to the SIT/SAP Team for problem solving & collaboration to develop effective interventions.

Students will be placed into 
one of three tiers:

Tier I students receive basic instruction in the classroom (80% of student population).

Tier II students will receive additional small group instruction each day in reading (15% of student population).

Tier III students will receive additional individualized instruction each day in reading. (5% of student population).

The interventions will continue until the student makes sufficient progress; if the student continues to struggle, more interventions will be put into place.

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Information for Parents

how will you be notified? you will receive a letter from the school indicting that you child will be receiving supplemental tier 2 or tier 3 intervention services in reading and or mathematics. this decision will be based on assessment results as well as teacher and or rti team recommendations. you will be provided with interventions that can be used at home such as websites, apps, flashcards, at-home activites, etcetera. you may set up a conference with your childs teacher and or rti team to discuss your childs specific needs and to more clearly understand the interventions that will be used at school to help your child get back on track with his or her peers. you may also set up follow up meetings as the intervention process proceeds. contacting us. we encourage you to stay in contact with your childs teacher as well as the rti team. helpful contact information is listed below.  amanda lance grades K-2. 618-233-6863 extension 206.  Jennifer Hoover grades 3-5. 618-233-6863 extension 162. our address: 316 south hickory street. smithton illinois 62285. 618-233-6863. smithton ccsd 130 parent information and guidance response to intervention (rti)

what is rti? rti stands for response to intervention. it is a state and federal initiative to help schools ensure that students succeed. smithton students reading and math skills are evaluated at the beginning of each school year using a research-based assessment called AIMSweb or Star reading - based on grade level. the results of the assessment process, standardized test scores, as well as teacher recommendations help the rti team target students who need more intensive help to keep them on track for success. approximately 15% of the student population will benefit from supplemental small group instruction using effective interventions. these students receive tier 2 services from certified teachers. an additional 5% of students will require even more intensive, individualized assistance. these students receive tier 3 services from certified teachers. the goal of providing academic interventions for tier 2 and tier 3 students is to get them back on track with the rest of their classmates. through continual progress monitoring, the rti team and classroom teachers determine when tiered services can be discontinued. if students fail to make adequate progress using an intervention, a new intervention may be necessary. students who struggle or fail to progress through multiple interventions may require a referral for special education services. this determine is made by a team of specialists and always involves the parents. the smithton rti team of teachers have expertise and experience as classroom teachers. additionally they have advanced training in reading instruction. they are able to effectively diagnose reading problems and apply research-based interventions to help students get back on track. students who receive rti reading and or math intervention are much more likely to be successful in all subjects since reading and math are the foundational tools for all academic work.  smithtons rti goals. every student will be provided with the help they need to be successful in school as early as possible. teachers will use differentiated instruction methods to reach all students. struggling students will receive early interventions to ensure academic success. all instructoin will be scientifically research based. all students will be progress monitored to ensure academic growth. parents will be involved in the educational process of their children. how you can help: actively assist your child with daily homework, read daily to your child, check your childs folders or backpack daily, communicate regularly with your childs teachers, encourage your child as they make progress, engage your child in conversation about their classes and educational resources (textbooks, technology, apps, etcetera)