Board Policy Manual

The Smithton Community Consolidated School District subscribes to the PRESS Policy service offered through its membership in the Illinois School Board Association. The SCCSD School Board policy manual contains written policies that include up-to-date district goals, delegate authority to the superintendent, define operating limits, ensure legal compliance, establish board processes, and provide for monitoring of district progress.

The Policy manual is divided into eight (8) sections which cover the following school district governance areas.  The manual, which requires 
Adobe Acrobat Reader to review, is searchable by key word.  You may access the full Board Policy Manual by clicking on the links below.

IASB regularly releases recommended updates to school policy.  Once received, new policies and/or updates to existing policies are introduced to the Board at a board meeting.  Typically, the Board reviews new policies for 30 days and then acts on them at a subsequent meeting.  New and revised policies are then added to the full Board Policy manual.